To Rebalance or not to Rebalance?

You can use this calculator to compare the result of doing annual portfolio rebalancing with the result of not doing it. You can use real historical rates of return or hypothetical ones. The portfolio in this calculator can consist of up to 10 mutual funds.

Number of Years:
Fund Name (optional)  Allocation Percent Yearly Rates of Return [decimal (0.10) or equivalent percent (10%)]


Custodian commission and advisory fee (if any) are not taken into consideration in this calculator. Capital gain tax (if any) is not considered.

The time order of each fund's yearly rates of return should be consistent with one another. You can enter the rates of return in chronological order (e.g., 1995, 1996, ..., 2008) or reverse chronological order (e.g., 2008, 2007, ..., 1995).